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Gradum Gswing Hitting System

Here's what you get:

  • The “positive move” that hitters like Mike Trout and Joey Votto use for more power and better contact (plus how you can quickly apply it to your swing).
  • The Gswing “Teach, Train, Transfer” method that rapidly takes your new swing from the batting cage to the field.
  • How to properly fire your muscles in the exact sequence that leads to powerful contact at the plate.
  • Which hitting drills are actually worth your time (and how to properly perform them).
  • Why “bat lag” is so critical (and where your bat and barrel should be for better contact).
  • How to correct your rotational axis to keep your body in the proper position before and after you swing.
  • Our “snap and whip” technique for getting your barrel through the zone in a powerful, efficient way.
  • Why our Gswing graduates approach the plate with a “do damage” attitude.
  • The truth about attack and launch angles (what you’ve been taught is probably wrong).
  • How to maximize peak power using our simple set of drills.
  • Why the greatest hitters in the world (like Mike Trout) never “stay back” like you were taught as a youth.
  • How to get on plane using the “roll method” so you can nearly guarantee your bat stays in the zone much longer during your swing.
  • The truth about hitting (and why most of what “hitting coaches” teach is wrong).

Plus you get these extra bonuses:

  • Bonus: How to evaluate hitters and become your own hitting coach. I’ll teach you the secret behind the greatest hitters in the world -- they know how to review tape and adjust their swing to overcome any issues they find.
  • Bonus: I’m adding nine coaching calls as an added (free) bonus.  After you absorb the information in each module, you’ll get exclusive access to ask me and my team any questions you have.  We’ll hop on a video call and answer any and all questions you have. 


What People Are Saying:

Learning a lot from you. I was a big shoulder in and explode guy. This is a lot simpler and less taxing on the body compared to all the twisted and explosive swings I used to take. We workin!

Time is Now Baseball

Love that you are doing this. such a complete program!

Kristian Kraszewski

Where is anyone in the Midwest going to get a hitting coach like this? Stuff is Golden!

Eagle Dilfs

So glad I found this Instant improvement and power in my 14 year old... Thank You

David Butler